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DVDs:Science and Space:Engineering and Technology:Rocket City Rednecks, Season Two DVD-R


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Rocket City Rednecks, Season Two DVD-R

$29.95 Sale Price:   $9.99

Price: $29.95 Sale Price:   $9.99

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Rocket City Rednecks are back for more outrageous and ingenious science.  Follow Travis Taylor, a research scientist with the military and NASA, and his wild family and friends as they explore and combine hillbilly ingenuity with advanced engineering and physics to tackle real-world scenarios.

Episodes include Alabama Blast Off, Jay Leno’s Steam Racer, Down Home Demolition, Tsunami Survival Pod, Rocket-Powered Pickup, Superhero Super Suit, Remote Control Demolition, DIY Death Ray, One-Man Helicopter, Hunting with a Hero, Sweet Drone Alabama, and Papa John’s Pizza Bike.

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  • 2 discs; 220 minutes
  • Widescreen
  • TV-PG
  • © 2012

Alabama Blast-Off
Bringing new meaning to the term “mile-high club,” the Rednecks enter a NASA contest with the hopes of launching a man-capable rocket one mile into the sky.

Jay Leno’s Steam Racer
When “Tonight Show” host Jay Leno calls, the Rednecks answer ... and fast!

Down Home Demolition
To demonstrate how average household materials can be used to create reliable non-TNT-based explosives that could be used by the military, Travis issues a “blown up good” challenge.

Tsunami Survival Pod
The devastating earthquake and tsunami that crippled Japan in 2011 prompt the Rocket City Rednecks to build a survival pod capable of withstanding flood, fire, and falling debris.

Rocket-Powered Pickup
The Rednecks want to create a cheap, reusable rocket-powered truck, and Travis thinks he has the answer: a hybrid rocket engine.

Superhero Super Suit
It's a bird. It's a plane. It's a Redneck? The Rednecks create their own superhero suit from a pair of old vacuum cleaners, a barbecue grill and a bunch of spray foam.

Remote Control Demolition
After racing radio-controlled toy cars in Daddy's driveway, the Rednecks decide to GO BIG and make full-sized versions using an old pickup truck and an RV camper.

DIY Death Ray
Travis thinks it's high time that modern weaponry evolved, after all, gunpowder is a thousand-year-old invention.

One-Man Helicopter
While Travis is away at a science fiction convention, the rest of the Rednecks see if they can pull off an invention while he is gone: a one-man flying machine.

Hunting With A Hero
Daddy contacts Hope for the Warriors, an organization that helps disabled veterans from Afghanistan and Iraq, to see if the Rednecks can lend a helping hand.

Sweet Drone Alabama
Travis and the guys answer the “call of duty,” building a next-generation combat drone that doesn't cost millions of dollars to make.

Papa John’s Pizza Bike
Papa John's CEO John Schnatter makes a guest appearance and challenges the Rednecks to design a pizza delivery bike that could be used in big cities.

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