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DVDs:Science and Space:Space:Known Universe 3 DVD Set


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Known Universe 3 DVD Set

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Known Universe: The Fastest DVD Exclusive

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Explore the farthest reaches in cutting-edge science with this three-disc DVD-R set of our Known Universe series. Episodes include The Fastest, The Most Explosive, and The Biggest & Smallest.

With stunning CGI and riveting footage, Known Universe: The Fastest explores interstellar travel, wormholes, and black holes and re-examines Einstein's theories that hint at the existence of portals that could reach through the very fabric of space and time. From exploding stars to asteroid impacts, Known Universe: The Most Explosive deconstructs some of the biggest explosions in the universe with unforgettable CGI and slow-motion footage.

Our neighborhood of planets may seem vast but compared to the size of our Milky Way galaxy, our solar system is really tiny. And our galaxy is only one of about 100 billion galaxies in the cosmos. Starting with our solar system, Known Universe: The Biggest & Smallest explores the true meaning of those words.

This DVD Exclusive is one of the many titles in our National Geographic DVD Exclusives Library and is created in the DVD-R form. This disc does not feature menu pages or special features like standard DVDs, simply the high-quality programming you've come to expect from National Geographic.

Not available for shipment outside of the U.S.

  • 3 discs; 50 minutes each
  • © 2009

National Geographic DVD Exclusives

For the first time ever, National Geographic presents its programming in DVD-R format. Available exclusively through this site, you can now own more of our award-winning specials and documentaries in a high-quality DVD format.

How our DVDs and DVD-Rs Differ

Customers who purchase programs in the NG DVD Exclusives Library will receive a non-interactive, play only disc. There is no chaptering information on these DVDs, but there are chapter marks approximately every five minutes, which make it easy to fast forward through a program. The DVD-R format provides the digital video and audio quality you expect from all of our DVDs.

NOTE: The NG DVD Exclusives titles are not close captioned. We apologize for any inconvenience this limitation may cause.