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DVDs:Culture, History and Religion:U.S. History:Doomsday Preppers Season One DVD


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Doomsday Preppers Season One DVD

$29.95 Sale Price:   $4.99

Price: $29.95 Sale Price:   $4.99


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Follow a group of people as they obsessively prepare for apocalypse—each expecting the world to end in a different way, for a different reason, at a different time. From bunkers to fortified off-the-grid homesteads, see how these Doomsday Preppers go to extremes to make sure they are ready for just about anything. Episodes include Bullets, Lots of Bullets, I Hope I Am Crazy, Back to the Stone Age, It’s All Gonna Hit the Fan, Friends Can Become Enemies, Nine Meals Away from Anarchy, Into the Spider Hole, It’s Gonna Get Worse, Close the Door, Load the Shotgun, Disaster Doesn’t Wait, I Suggest We Run.

Bonus program: American Doomsday.

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  • 3 discs; 11 episodes; 495 minutes
  • Widescreen
  • © 2012

  • Bullets, Lots of Bullets
  • I Hope I Am Crazy
  • Back to the Stone Age
  • It’s All Gonna Hit the Fan
  • Friends Can Become Enemies
  • Nine Meals Away from Anarchy
  • Into the Spider Hole
  • It’s Gonna Get Worse
  • Close the Door, Load the Shotgun
  • Disaster Doesn’t Wait
  • I Suggest We Run