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DVDs:Culture, History and Religion:Ancient Civilizations:Nefertiti and the Lost Dynasty DVD


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Nefertiti and the Lost Dynasty DVD

$24.95 Sale Price:   $16.99

Price: $24.95 Sale Price:   $16.99


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It's among the most tantalizing mysteries in all of ancient Egyptian archaeology: What became of the legendary Queen Nefertiti and Akhenaten, radical pharaoh and probable father of King Tut? And why was their fabled "Amarna Dynasty" deliberately obliterated by later rulers?

Now, an international team of scientists sets out to solve the riddle of Nefertiti's disappearance and the fate of her royal family. Using state-of-the-art CT scanning technology to examine mummies linked to the Amarna mystery, researchers will produce the most detailed 3D images ever obtained—and unravel stunning new answers to the 3,300-year-old puzzle of Nefertiti and the Lost Dynasty.

Not available for shipment outside of the U.S. and Canada.

  • 1 disc; 50 minutes
  • Bonus feature: Interactive Timeline
  • © 2007