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DVDs:Culture, History and Religion:Ancient Civilizations:When Rome Ruled and The Roman Empire Classics DVD Sets

When Rome Ruled and The Roman Empire Classics DVD Sets

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When Rome Ruled 3-DVD Set

Roman Empire Classics DVD Collection

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Enjoy the best of National Geographic's explorations of ancient Rome with this specially priced bundle featuring two multidisc sets of our best series and programs.

When Rome Ruled
National Geographic's groundbreaking series reveals ancient Rome's hidden treasures and untold stories as never before. From iconic figures, including Caligula, Caesar, and Constantine, to epic events such as the eruption of Vesuvius, the invasion of Britain, and the fall of Rome, When Rome Ruled reveals a startling up-to-date vision of the ancient empire and challenges our perception of what we know about the Romans and their lives. New discoveries about the Roman gladiators, Pompeii doomsday, and Caesar's assassination provide fresh insights into the empire that not only influenced Western civilization but also created it.

The Roman Empire Classics DVD Collection
Discover the untold stories and hidden secrets of ancient Rome in this three-disc collection of five National Geographic classics. Travel back in time to see how gladiators lived, fought, and died; explore the rise of Christianity and how it shaped the Roman empire; discover the true face of Rome’s most notorious emperor; and trace the journey of the Roman military from the furthest frontiers back to the city for which they killed and died.

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  • 3 discs each; When Rome Ruled: 270 minutes; The Roman Empire Classics: 225 minutes
  • Widescreen
  • Collection © 2011

When Rome Ruled 3-DVD Set

  • Secrets of the Gladiators
  • The Real Caligula
  • Doomsday Pompeii
  • Killing Caesar
  • Birth of Rome
  • Ancient Superpower

Roman Empire Classics DVD Collection

  • Gladiators Back from the Dead
  • Murder in the Roman Empire
  • How Nero Saved Rome
  • When Rome Ruled: Rise of Christianity
  • When Rome Ruled: War Machine