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DVDs:Culture, History and Religion:Ancient Civilizations:Engineering Egypt DVD


As seen on the National Geographic Channel.NG yellow box

Engineering Egypt DVD

$24.95 Sale Price:   $16.99

Price: $24.95 Sale Price:   $16.99

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Monumental in scale and sophisticated in design, the engineering triumphs of the ancient Egyptians still inspire awe to this day. This in-depth National Geographic special explores how two of Egypt's mightiest pharaohs—Khufu and Ramses II—built their way to immortality. From the colossal Great Pyramid of Giza to the stunning, rock-carved temples of Abu Simbel, Engineering Egypt provides an extraordinary new perspective on the history, passion and purpose behind an ancient people's quest to achieve the most daring dream of all: eternal life.

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  • 1 disc; 90 minutes
  • Includes photo galleries
  • © 2007