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DVDs:Culture, History and Religion:World Cultures:Diamonds of War - Africa's Blood Diamonds DVD


As seen on the National Geographic Channel.NG yellow box

Diamonds of War - Africa's Blood Diamonds DVD

$24.95 Sale Price:   $13.99

Price: $24.95 Sale Price:   $13.99


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They are symbols of affection widely thought to be as pure as love itself—and the vast majority are legal stones that are mined, exported and sold in the clear light of day. But for years, some diamonds have been sold illegally—with devastating results linking to war, blood and brutality. In the diamond-rich West African nation of Sierra Leone, rebels have used the precious gems to bankroll a violent ten-year insurrection, leaving a terrorized population and a ravaged landscape in its wake. Join National Geographic from Europe to Africa to uncover the truth about the dark side of the diamond trade.

Special Feature: photo gallery.

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  • 1 disc; approximately 50 minutes
  • Widescreen
  • © 2007