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DVDs:Culture, History and Religion:U.S. History:National Geographic Classics: Secret Access DVD


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National Geographic Classics: Secret Access DVD

$24.95 Sale Price:   $16.99

Price: $24.95 Sale Price:   $16.99

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With unprecedented access, National Geographic explores the inner workings of government and power, and goes inside some of the world’s most restricted and top-secret places.

Features six classic programs: Inside Guantanamo, Inside the NSA, Top Secret: Plant 42, Inside the US Secret Service, Inside the DEA, and Inside North Korea.

Not available for shipment outside of the U.S.

  • 3 discs; 270 minutes
  • Widescreen
  • © 2004-2013

Inside Guantanamo Bay
National Geographic Explorer takes an inside look at the controversial Guantanamo Bay detention camp. It chronicles the daily routines of both captives and guards and considers the legal status of the detainees.
XX minutes. © 2009.

Inside the NSA
Since its inception in 1952, the National Security Agency has been shrouded in secrecy; for years the White House denied its very existence. For the first time since 9/11 changed everything, cameras go beyond the closed doors of the NSA, deep inside the agency’s over 2 million square foot top-secret compound. Inside the NSA reveals the agency’s critical role in protecting the country—from defending the US military from a cyber attack, to the hunt for Osama Bin Laden.
45 minutes. © 2011.

Inside the DEA
National Geographic joins a team of DEA agents and undercover operatives as they risk their lives to pull off one of the most audacious international law enforcement stings of the decade. Through unprecedented access to actual undercover footage, Inside the DEA reveals the inner workings of a sting operation designed to capture one of the world’s most prolific and untouchable criminals, international arms dealer Monzer al-Kassar.
50 minutes. © 2010.

Top Secret: Plant 42
If you haven’t heard of Plant 42, you are not alone. Go inside America’s “black world” of off-the-record projects developed in secret. Host Jake Ward, editor of Popular Science, explores the little-known projects being built in America that are so confidential, some are said not to exist. From futuristic aircraft flying faster than the speed of sound, to stealth weapons and propulsion systems, Ward works every angle he can—on and off the record—to take us as deep inside the secret site as possible.
45 minutes. © 2013.

Inside North Korea
Go undercover with National Geographic correspondent Lisa Ling as she journeys into mysterious and reclusive North Korea. Posing as part of an international medical team, Lisa and her camera crew reveal the extraordinary, hidden face of this insular, little-known place, from the powerful control Kim Jong Il exerts over his people to the military powder keg of life along the heavily armed demilitarized zone.
52 minutes. © 2007.

Inside the U.S. Secret Service
Even though they are frequently seen flanking presidential convoys in their trademark dark suits and sunglasses, little is truly known about the insulated world of the United States Secret Service. National Geographic's Inside series delves deep into the inner workings of the secretive organization for an unprecedented behind-the-scenes look at the upper echelons of national security.
90 minutes. © 2004.