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DVDs:Culture, History and Religion:Ancient Civilizations:The Celts: Rich Traditions and Ancient Myths DVD

The Celts: Rich Traditions and Ancient Myths DVD

$39.98 Sale Price:   $29.99

Price: $39.98 Sale Price:   $29.99

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For 800 years, a proud, vibrant, richly imaginative warrior people swept ruthlessly across Europe. The ancient Greeks called them "Keltoi" and honored them as one of the great barbarian races. Follow their fascinating story from their earliest roots 2,500 years ago through the flowering of their unique culture and their enduring heritage today, enhanced with stunning reconstructions of iron-age villages, dramatizations of major historical events, and visits to modern Celtic lands. This fascinating look back at the legends and legacy of the Celtic heritage is underscored by the hauntingly beautiful music of Enya.

  • 2 discs; 325 minutes
  • © 2004