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DVDs:Animals and Nature:Animals and Wildlife:Wild Chronicles: Season One 4 DVD Set


Parents' Choice Award winner!NG yellow box

Wild Chronicles: Season One 4 DVD Set


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The popular series supported by National Geographic Mission Programs, and seen on public television stations, connects viewers to the pulse of the planet by providing rare access to the natural world and thrilling adventures in exploration. Join host Boyd Matson for stories of danger, survival, and curiosity as we explore our planet with those who have traversed its passageways, probed its scientific mysteries, and advocated for its protection.

Bonus feature: Photo gallery: Research and Conservation Around the World.

2007 Parent's Choice Award Winner.

Not available for shipment outside of the U.S. and Canada.

  • 4 discs; 840 minutes
  • © 2007

Disc 1 Episodes:

  • Crisscrossing Africa; Crittercam: Humpback Whales; Tracking Jaguars; Japanese Hornets (episode 102)
  • Pygmy Sloths; Crittercam: Monk Seals; Cambodian Poachers; Predator Crocodiles (episode 104)
  • Black-Footed Ferrets; Crittercam: Emperor Penguins; Peregrine Falcons; Cheetah Chase (episode 105)
  • Orangutans; Crittercam: Lions; Deadly Snakes; Humboldt Squid (episode 106)
  • Killer Bees; Crittercam: Blue Whales; Protecting the Rainforest; Owls (episode 109)
  • Florida’s Alligators; Crittercam: Turtles & Shark Bay; Brazilian Rainforest; Elephant Power (episode 110)
  • Giraffes in Namibia; Crittercam: Bowhead Whales; Madagascar Expedition; Hornet Hunters (episode 112)
  • Nepal’s Rhinos; Crittercam: Sea Lions; Beyond the Lava; Nile Crocs (episode 114)

Disc 2 Episodes:

  • Endangered Bison; Crittercam: Brown Bears; Lone Castaway; Tarantulas (episode 116)
  • Narwhal Tooth; Crittercam: Pilot Whales; Trek Across Australia; Japan Mating Game (episode 117)
  • Tracking Gorillas; Crittercam: Leatherbacks; PT-109; Toothed Titans (episode 118)
  • Ivory-Billed Woodpeckers; Crittercam: Flying Devils; India Shark Attacks; Grizzlies vs. Wolves (episode 120)
  • Galapagos Volcano; Crittercam: Hawaiian Monk Seals; Diving Shark Alley; Orangutan Orphanage (episode 121)
  • Northwest Hawaiian Archipelago; Crittercam: Elephant Seals; Volcano Hunters; Asiatic Lions (episode 124)
  • Honshu Hornets; Crittercam: Juan Fernandez Seals; Giant Catfish; Hawaii’s Shed Birds (episode 125)
  • Pebble Gold Mine; Crittercam: Tiger Sharks; Mapping Underwater Caves; South Africa’s Vultures (episode 126)

Disc 3 Episodes:

  • Encroaching Elephants; Crittercam: Black Turtles; Caves of Belize; Meerkat Madness (episode 127)
  • Africa’s Largest Mammal; Crittercam: Bearded Seals; Killer Crocs; Camels of the Andes (episode 128)
  • Mountain Patrol; Crittercam: Manatee; Tornado Chasers; Octopus (episode 129)
  • Kayaking Wild Rivers; Crittercam: Grey Reef Shark; Periyar Nature Preserve; Fearsome Frogs (episode 130)
  • Bear Woman; Crittercam: Monk Seals; Fire Bombers; Seasons of Salmon (episode 131)
  • Naïve Chimps; Crittercam: Beaked Whales; Poisonous Birds; Manatees (episode 132)
  • Antarctica’s Killer Whales; Crittercam: Leopard Seals; Peruvian Artifacts; Africa from the Air (episode 133)
  • Underwater in Antarctica; Crittercam: Humpbacks Mating; Living with Leopards; Sonoran Desert (episode 134)

Disc 4 Episodes:

  • Into the Altiplano; Crittercam: Grey Reef Shark; Congolese Wildlife; Octopus Survival (episode 135)
  • Giant Pandas; Crittercam: Leopard Seals; Guyana’s High-Rise Jungle; Grey Whales (episode 136)
  • Wild Lynx; Crittercam: Hawks Bull; Maya Mystery; Black Bears (episode 137)
  • Antarctic Penguins; Crittercam: New Zealand Sea Lions; Ice Climbing; Loggerhead Sea Turtles (episode 138)
  • Migrating Elephants; Crittercam: Killer Whales; Climbing in Cameroon; Russia’s Bear (episode 139)
  • Fire and Iceland; Crittercam: Harbor Seals; Croatia Kayaking; Endangered Giraffes (episode 140)
  • Syrian Ibis; Crittercam: White Shark; Sonoran Babies; Jewels of the Caribbean (episode 141)
  • Elephant Communication; Crittercam: Black Bears; Moche Mummy; Russia’s Tigers (episode 142)