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DVDs:Animals and Nature:Animals and Wildlife:Sea Nasties DVD Exclusive

Sea Nasties DVD Exclusive


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Comedian Leslie Nielsen hosts a natural-history comedy about "sea nasties" and reveals that the oceans are full of creatures that sting, shock, poke, and poison. But, during this entertaining and informative look at seemingly terrifying ocean creatures, Nielsen learns that his fears of the ocean may be exaggerated after all.

Thoughts of danger in the sea usually focus on sharks, but far more deadly are the small creatures, usually secretive, often beautiful, sometimes microscopic, that contain chemicals—venoms, poisons, toxins—of staggering strength, like the Australian box jellyfish and the Stonefish.

In a comic conflict, National Geographic's cameras capture these powerful creatures of the sea in action and convince viewers in a humorous way that stonefish, poisonous cone snails, and jellyfish are not only interesting because of their danger, but are "cool" animals with fascinating adaptations for survival.

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  • © 1998
  • 1 disc; 33 minutes

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