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DVDs:Adventure and Exploration:National Geographic Live! The Explorers: Paul Sereno & Phillip Manning DVD

National Geographic Live! The Explorers: Paul Sereno & Phillip Manning DVD

$19.95 Sale Price:   $1.99

Price: $19.95 Sale Price:   $1.99

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National Geographic Live! events feature entertaining and visually spectacular presentations by the world's leading explorers, scientists, photographers, and naturalists. Now available on DVD and enhanced by award-winning images, this volume showcases the dynamic live presentations by leading explorers Paul Sereno and Phillip Manning, plus a DVD bonus: interviews with the explorers.

The acclaimed paleontologist and National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence Paul Sereno discovered the remains of SuperCroc and many other prehistoric creatures. Now, meet one of the most bizarre dinosaurs ever discovered! With a thousand teeth and a head permanently rotated towards the ground, Nigersaurus (reptile from Niger) vacuumed up plants 110 million years ago on Africa’s isolated island continent. Fending off predators of various kinds, this bizarre dinosaur lived to become one of the most common herbivores of its day. Learn about this extreme “fern mower” of a dinosaur and how Sereno reconstructed it for a National Geographic Museum exhibition.

In 1999, a high school student with a passion for paleontology uncovered the mummified remains of a 67-million-year-old hadrosaur, a plant-eating dinosaur from the late Cretaceous period. One of the rarest dinosaur specimens ever unearthed, the mummy, also known as Dakota, included not just bones, but fossilized soft tissues like skin, tendons, and ligaments. Now, Phillip Manning, a prominent British paleontologist with extensive field experience at Jurassic and Cretaceous sites, is leading the research on Dakota, and the findings from his research and excavations are becoming an immense contribution to unveiling the past. In his lecture, Grave Secrets of Dinosaurs, Manning shares the exciting story of this 67-million-year-old “cold case.”

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  • 1 disc; 90 minutes
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