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Clothing:Women's Clothing:Jackets and Vests:Indian Embroidered Floral Jacket

Indian Embroidered Floral Jacket

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Throughout India, embroidery and needlework are highly developed local folk arts. In the region of Kashmir however, needlework was the domain of highly skilled royal craftspeople. Worked in a flat chain stitch called ari, embroidery flows like brushstrokes across this distinctive cotton canvas jacket. The cut is not fitted, but is rather an updated and relaxed version of the popular Nehru style.

Hand-embroidered in India. 100% cotton canvas. Full poly lining.

Dry clean only.

In Himalayan Kashmir and northern India, chain stitch embroidery is a refined art, worked using cotton, silk, or wool. An awl-like hook called an ari is used instead of a needle to create a refined ''cobbler's stitch,'' which allows the craftsman to cover a larger area of work in a shorter time. This is one of the reasons why ari embroidery often covers large areas, if not the entire body, of the textile or garment it adorns.

Royal women in Kutch, in northern India, were major patrons of early ari artists, and commissioned work covered in typical Persian motifs of peacocks and flowers. So delicate are some of the best examples of this embroidery that the most intricately adorned fabrics are said to be ''under ari's spell.''