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Clothing:Women's Clothing:Shirts:Microfiber Bug Shirt
Microfiber Bug Shirt

Microfiber Bug Shirt

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It’s hard to relax and enjoy the view when you’re constantly swatting at bugs, but the most effective chemical insect repellents are often the least eco-friendly. Not only are bug bites annoying, they also carry the risk of Lyme disease, West Nile virus, and malaria. A breathable mesh bug shirt is just the answer for keeping bugs off of your skin altogether.

This loose-fitting shirt uses a densely woven, quick-drying microfiber that mosquitos can’t bite through and black no-see-um mesh for visibility and ventilation. Close-fitting elastic wristbands and a drawstring bottom help cover you completely and stops deer flies, black flies, horse flies, mosquitos, gnats, and ticks from making you their next meal. Folds into its own pocket for easy packing. Made in Canada where, as the manufacturer says, mosquitoes and biting flies are a national menace.

Made in Canada of U.S. materials. 100% polyester. Unisex sizes S (32-36 chest), M (36-40 chest), L (40-44 chest), XL (44-48 chest).

Machine wash.