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Clothing:Women's Clothing:Shirts:Mexican Market Day Outfit
Mexican Market Day Outfit

Mexican Market Day Outfit

Chamula Cotton Shirt

Mexican artist Frida Kahlo was known for her eclectic wardrobe that featured traditional Zapotec blouses and skirts as well as pieces from northern Mexico, Guatemala, and beyond. Our cotton Mexican market-day outfit is inspired by that diversity, with a vivid pink blouse and black broomstick skirt made in the villages surrounding Oaxaca state on opposite sides of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec. Both the blouse and skirt are hand-dyed in Oaxaca. The semisheer broomstick skirt is ideal for travel—the wrinkles are part of the style. The blouse is embroidered in both Oaxaca and Chiapas by women using a geometric style named for the highland village of Chamula. It's relaxed, breezy style could be worn belted for a more fitted look. Together or as separates, these pieces reflect a flattering, breezy Mexican style that’s perfect for warm-weather exploring. Hues may vary slightly from those pictured because the cotton is hand-dyed.

Made in Mexico. 100% cotton. Women’s sizes S (4–6), M (8–10), L (12–14), XL (16–18).

Machine wash.