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Clothing:T-Shirts and Logo Gear:Logo:National Geographic Women's Fleece Cardigan

National Geographic Women's Fleece Cardigan

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This zip-front fleece cardigan in slate blue displays the name National Geographic in a subtle script over the left breast. On the right sleeve is a patch displaying the Society's flag and mission. Features a more fitted silhouette with a ribbed collar and two slash pockets.

About the Society's Flag
The National Geographic flag features three bands in blue, brown, and green, representing sky, earth, and sea. It was designed in 1903 by Elsie Grosvenor, the wife of then-editor Gilbert H. Grosvenor, who wanted something easily identified from afar. The first flag went on assignment with the 1903 Ziegler Polar Expedition to the Arctic and continues to accompany National Geographic Explorers around the world.

Imported. 100% cotton. Women's sizes S-XL.

Machine wash.