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Clothing:Men's Clothing:Sweaters:Men's Keru Alpaca Sweater

Men's Keru Alpaca Sweater

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Tiwanaku, near the southeastern shore of Lake Titicaca in Bolivia, is one of the most important pre-Columbian archaeological sites in the world. Inspired by a ceremonial Tiwanaku ceramic called a keru from A.D. 800, Bolivian textile artists created this pattern using traditional abstract icons. Knit using a dozen shades of blue, green, and gray 100% alpaca yarn, this comfortable crewneck continues millennia-old Andean Altiplano craft traditions. Handmade in Bolivia.

Due to the high demand, this product is no longer available.

Hand-wash or dry clean.

Indigenous people in South America have raised alpaca for its fleece for thousands of years before Europeans learned about the animal and exported alpaca fiber to Spain in the 16th and 17th centuries. Today this domesticated animal is bred throughout the world, but its native habitat is the Andean altiplano: Ecuador, southern Peru, northern Bolivia, and northern Chile.

Descended from the wild vicuña, alpaca resemble a cross between a llama and a sheep. Its fleece is similar to sheep's wool, but is usually softer, less prickly, and has minimal lanolin content, making it virtually hypoallergenic. Its extreme warmth, relatively light weight, and natural resistance to water make alpaca wool an ideal fabric for the frigid winters of the Andean altiplano. These qualities have also led to a rise in the use of alpaca fiber in outdoor gear and active wear, although it is also easily spun into a fine enough yarn for use in suits and other dress wear.

Most alpaca products can be treated as you would an object made of sheep's wool—hand wash using a mild soap and lukewarm water, or dry clean—but check the tag or manufacturer's instructions for specific instructions.