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Jewelry:Rings and Pins:Sterling Silver Claddagh Ring
Sterling Silver Claddagh Ring

Sterling Silver Claddagh Ring

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Size: 6 7 8

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The traditional Irish claddagh ring depicts two clasped hands holding a crowned heart, symbols of love, loyalty, and friendship. The design's origins are clouded with mystery, but one of the most popular—and romantic—stories of how it came to be tells of goldsmith Robert Joyce from the village of Claddagh, who was forced into slavery after his ship was captured en route to the West Indies. Joyce's skills supposedly so impressed his master that the man offered him his freedom, his daughter's hand in marriage, and great sums of money if Joyce would stay. Joyce declined all of these temptations and returned to his betrothed in Ireland, where he presented her with this ring.

This classic sterling silver ring is handcrafted in a family-owned studio in the heart of Dublin.

  • Handmade in Ireland.
  • Rhodium-plated sterling silver, to prevent tarnishing.
  • Sizes 6, 7, 8. Approximately 3/8" at the widest point.
  • The inside of the band is engraved "Love Loyalty Friendship"

Wearing the Claddagh

Where and how one wears a claddagh ring can give clues as to their relationship status. Wearing the ring on one's right hand with the heart pointed away from the hand can signal that one's heart is open, he or she is looking for love. Turning the ring so that the heart faces inward signals that the wearer is taken. A claddagh ring worn on the left hand with the heart pointed away means the wearer is engaged; if the heart is pointed inward it means the wearer is married.

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Although the ring is often exchanged at wedding ceremonies as a symbol of romantic love, it is also given as a token of friendship, or passed from mother to daughter as a family heirloom.