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Jewelry:Jewelry Sets:Ottoman Turquoise and Ruby Jewelry
Ottoman Turquoise and Ruby Jewelry

Ottoman Turquoise and Ruby Jewelry

Buy the Ottoman Turquoise and Ruby Necklace and Earrings Set for $265.00

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Price: $209.98 Set Price: $251.99

Ottoman Turquoise and Ruby Necklace

Ottoman Turquoise and Ruby Earrings

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The Imperial Treasury in Istanbul’s Topkapi Palace is still home to the most lavish riches of the Ottoman era. Here you’ll find the legendary, jewel-encrusted Topkapi Dagger, golden thrones, an 86-karat diamond, and many more remarkably ornate treasures. These gold, turquoise, and ruby accents are adaptations of jewels worn by women of the seraglio, where the wives of the Ottoman officials lived.

The fan-shaped earrings feature three strands of delicate turquoise beads and three small, faceted rubies, all set in 22-karat gold plate. The pendant is a larger version of the same motif, hanging from a chain that intersperses small turquoise nuggets and 22-karat gold links.

Handcrafted in Istanbul, Turkey. Earrings: Approximately 1"L. Pendant: 2"L; 18"L necklace with spring ring clasp.