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Jewelry:Earrings:Turkish Iolite Earrings

Turkish Iolite Earrings


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Topkapi Palace in Istanbul is a vast and unimaginably lavish complex that was home to the Ottoman Sultans for most of their six-century reign. Within its walls were mosques, courtyards, kitchens, banks, and the famous 100-room harem where the sultan’s mother, wives, and consorts lived.

These gleaming earrings are inspired by the lattice windows and gates of the Topkapi Palace. The lace-like pattern is hand-cut from thin sterling silver, which is then plated in 22-karat gold. A faceted, dark purple iolite gem finishes the design.

Handcrafted in Istanbul, Turkey. 22-karat-gold-plated sterling silver and iolite. 2 1/2"L.