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Jewelry:Earrings:Turkish Blue Moon Turquoise Hoops

Turkish Blue Moon Turquoise Hoops


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Did you know that name for the deep blue-green stone we call turquoise is actually based on misinformation? It’s from the French word for Turkish, because European traders found the stone at Turkish bazaars and assumed it was mined nearby, although what they found was most likely from present-day Iran. Nevertheless, Turkish jewelers are known for their inventive designs, as evidenced by the ornate treasures of the Ottoman Topkapi Palace.

These hoop earrings are lined with dozens of turquoise spheres, channel-set into a frame of 22-karat gold vermeil. The design is adapted from jewelry worn by well-to-do Turkish women during the Roman Era, and coordinates with our Turkish Blue Moon Turquoise Cuff.

Handcrafted in Istanbul, Turkey. 1 1/2" diam.