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Jewelry:Bracelets:Pearl and Garnet Indian Bracelet
Pearl and Garnet Indian Bracelet

Pearl and Garnet Indian Bracelet

$200.00 Sale Price:   $119.99

Price: $200.00 Sale Price:   $119.99

Item# :2001418

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Using pearls to represent purity and garnet to represent passion, Indian artisan Narayani creates a three-strand wristband bracelet meant to invoke the many facets of love. Legend tells that Indian warriors used garnet-tipped arrows to ensure deadly aim, but this fiery January birthstone has also been used for healing and protection in many cultures. In Hinduism pearls are associated with Lord Vishnu and known as the "queen of gems." Handcrafted sterling silver beads and toggle clasp.

7 11/16"L x 13/16"W. Handcrafted in India.