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Jewelry:Bracelets:Italian Lire Cuff Bracelet
Italian Lire Cuff Bracelet

Italian Lire Cuff Bracelet


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Ask any world traveler and most will tell you they have a stash of foreign coins somewhere in their house. They're evocative souvenirs, conjuring memories of café breakfasts or snacks at a train station. In 2002, the Euro officially replaced the French franc, the Greek drachma, the Italian lira, and many others.

For one Italian jeweler, these now-outdated coins are the raw material for a unique bracelet. Several Italian lire (the plural of lira) join to form a hinged cuff. Whether you've spent time in Italy or still dream of visiting, you can carry a piece of the country's history with you in this two-tone conversation starter. The hinged cuff is easy to put on or take off and fits most wrists.

Handcrafted in Arezzo, Italy. Real Italian coins on a sterling silver base. The 500-lire coin at the center is outlined in 18-karat gold plate. 7" long; 2 5/8" across at widest point. Hinged to fit most wrists.