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Jewelry:Bracelets:Irish Celtic Knot Druzy Necklace
Irish Celtic Knot Druzy Necklace

Irish Celtic Knot Druzy Necklace


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The Celtic knot, or triquetra, that frames this sparkling necklace dates back to the 6th-century, when art from Ireland and the British Isles developed into a style that was unique from the rest of Europe. Illuminated manuscripts like the Lindisfarne Gospels, the Book of Durrow, and the Book of Kells are full of illustrations featuring complex knotwork. In Celtic and Pagan traditions, the triquetra symbolizes earth, sun, and sky, or the stages of a woman’s life: young woman, mother, and grandmother. In Christian tradition, it is a symbol of the holy trinity.

Here the sterling silver knot is paired with a piece of druzy quartz. The sparkling crystals occur naturally on the rock’s surface as moisture builds up and evaporates over millions of years.

Made in Ireland. Sterling silver and quartz druzy from Brazil. Necklace: 18"L  Pendant: 1 1/2"L x 1/2"W.