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Clothing:Footwear:Women's Footwear:Soul of Africa Travel Shoes

Soul of Africa Travel Shoes

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These versatile, go-with-everything flats use a minimal, “barefoot" design that encourages our feet and ankles to move they way they were evolved to do. Minimalist shoes help strengthen your feet while exercising the muscles in your legs and lower back, improving posture gradually and lessening the impact on knees and hips.

Soul of Africa shoes are crafted in Ethiopia using locally sourced materials. A portion of the manufacturer’s profits go back into programs that provide education and care for children orphaned by Africa’s AIDS pandemic.

Made in Ethiopia. Leather upper with rubber outsole and nylon trim. Women’s sizes 37 (7-7 1/2), 38 (8), 39 (8 1/2), 40 (9), 41 (9 1/2).