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Clothing:Accessories:Sunglasses:Hike Sunglasses with Transition Lenses


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Hike Sunglasses with Transition Lenses

$190.00 Sale Price:   $99.99

Price: $190.00 Sale Price:   $99.99

Item# :2000426

Qty: This item is out of stock

Our Hike sunglasses from Julbo feature large, square lenses with broad temples for excellent coverage, clarity, and protection from harmful UV rays. These photochromic lenses get darker or lighter based on visible light, not based on UV like most transitional lenses. This means that even if you're behind a windshield, these lenses will adjust for maximum comfort. Polarizing lenses eliminate glare from reflective surfaces: water, glass, tarmac, snow, and more. The anti-reflective and oil-repellent coating reduces eye strain and glare, and reduces finger and grease marks to make vision clearer and cleaning easier. The lenses' copper hue enhances color for more clear and comfortable viewing.

Not available for shipment outside of the U.S. and Canada.

Made in France.