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Clothing:Accessories:Hats:New Zealand Oilskin Cap

New Zealand Oilskin Cap

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Inspired by the wild weather of the Catlins region on the southern coast of New Zealand’s South Island, this rugged oilskin hat stands up to wet and windy conditions. The water-resistant and durable oilskin is just as essential in this sparsely populated rain forest climate as it is for workers in the dry Australian outback. Known as a scally cap or a cheese-cutter cap (because of its wedge shape) in some parts of the world, this flat style has been worn since the 16th century.

Made in New Zealand by a company that has been in business since 1875. 100% cotton; water-resistant oilskin finish.

Use a soft brush to remove any dirt. The cap can be spot-cleaned with a damp sponge and cool water, but using detergent or dry cleaning will destroy the waterproof treatment.

Check for dry patches periodically. If the fabric looks and feels dry, or if you notice leaking, the cap can be reproofed with a paraffin wax. How often the cap will need reproofing depends on how heavily it's worn. An average time frame is once every five years. Search online for "reproofing oilskin" for materials and how-tos.