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Clothing:Accessories:Hats:Ivy League Cap
Ivy League Cap

Ivy League Cap

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The Indian city of Madras, now called Chennai, has been home to a cotton textile industry for more than a millennium. During the era of British colonization, Scottish regiments were stationed in Madras, and mills began producing their traditional lightweight fabric in Scotland's iconic tartans. The plaid fabric became known by its city of origin, and Madras has been a summertime staple in Western fashion ever since.

In the mid 20th century, Madras was an iconic part of Ivy League preppy style, seen on New England campuses and coastal beaches alike. Our '60s style cap is made in the United States using fabric handwoven in India, in a patchwork of colorful plaid.

Made in U.S.A. of handwoven Indian fabric 100% cotton with satin lining and twill sweatband. Double snap style with a padded brim. Sizes M (circumference at brow 22 1/2"), L (23 1/2"), XL (24").