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Clothing:Accessories:Hats:Balinese Crushable Sunhat
Balinese Crushable Sunhat

Balinese Crushable Sunhat


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Sun-savvy travelers recommend wearing a hat with wide brim for maximum sun protection, but all too often that means reduced visibility—not to mention taking up a ton of space in your luggage. This hand-crocheted cotton sunhat solves both problems. Roll it up, crush it flat, throw it in your carry on or your beach tote. It always springs back to shape. And the brim folds up to prevent it from flopping in your eyes. The cotton stretches, so one comfortably size fits most.

Hand-crocheted in Bali, Indonesia. 20" circumference at brow. Brim is roughly 4 1/4" wide.

Hand-wash and lay flat to dry.