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Books:Kids Books:History, Culture and Biography:Biography:Our Country's Presidents, 3rd Edition

Our Country's Presidents, 3rd Edition

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Each of our presidents has left his own indelible mark on U.S. history and on the lives of the American people.

In this book, find out why George Washington gave up his life as a Virginia planter to lead the nation, and why John Taylor was deemed "His Accidency". Walk with the presidents through wars, depressions, civil rights movements, and the space race. Romp with the Garfield children in a White House pillow fight; and mourn with a nation for John F. Kennedy.

This book offers fascinating and comprehensive profiles of all the presidents, timelines of their administrations, historic images, and features on important aspects of their terms.

  • Ages 9 to 12
  • Hardcover
  • 216 pages, more than 300 full-color photographs and illustrations
  • 8 1/2'' x 10 7/8''
  • © 2009