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Books:History and Religion:World History:Return to Titanic: A New Look at the World's Most Famous Lost Ship

Return to Titanic: A New Look at the World's Most Famous Lost Ship

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Price: $30.00 Sale Price:   $15.00

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Nearly twenty years after making the world's most famous underwater discovery, Robert Ballard returned to the Titanic with the most advanced instruments in underwater exploration to provide dramatic new images of the ship and debunk myths surrounding the vessel.

Return to Titanic takes a hard look at the changes in the Titanic since its discovery in 1985—changes due to natural deterioration and also to the private groups who have been salvaging the wreck.

With more than 125 photographs and maps, Ballard documents how the ship has been since its discovery, and he argues for a new and vital conservation ethos.Return to Titanic is a must-have item for the millions of people fascinated by the world's most well-known maritime tragedy.

  • Hardcover
  • 192 pages, 125 photographs and maps
  • 7 3/4'' x 9''
  • © 2004

Best known for his 1985 discovery of the Titanic, Robert D. Ballard has tracked down many significant shipwrecks, including the German battleship Bismarck, the lost fleet of Guadalcanal, the U.S. aircraft carrier Yorktown, and John F. Kennedy's boat, PT-109..

He has conducted more than a hundred deep-sea expeditions, using both manned and unmanned vehicles.

He holds a Ph.D. in marine geology and geophysics from the University of Rhode Island, where he is a full-time faculty member. In his 30 years at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, he helped develop manned submersibles and remotely operated vehicles for marine research. He also developed telecommunications technology to create "telepresence" for his JASON Project, which allows hundreds of thousands of schoolchildren to accompany him from afar on undersea explorations around the globe.

Ballard has 13 honorary degrees and 6 military awards and is a commander in the U.S. Naval Reserve. He has published 18 books, numerous scientific papers and a dozen articles in National Geographic magazine. Ballard also has been featured in several National Geographic television programs, including the record-breaking Secrets of the Titanic.

"'Damaged and picked over, Titanic is less of a ship now than two decades ago,' writes Ballard in his new book...[he] argues that the Titanic and other historically significant wrecks should be preserved as historic sites. 'The deep sea is the Earth's biggest museum, yet there is no lock on the door,' he writes.—Chicago Sun Times

"It's Ballard's passion and expertise that make this book tick."—Publishers Weekly

"A remarkable account of this disaster and its aftermath."—Booklist