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Books:Exploration:Himalayan Quest - Updated Edition

Himalayan Quest - Updated Edition


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Updated to include the triumphant culmination of a monumental quest—to stand on the summits of all fourteen of the world's highest mountains—Himalayan Quest offers an unforgettable glimpse into the remarkable world of Ed Viesturs.

Go with America's best-known high altitude climber and see the breathtaking landscape in which he works. This book is an unparalleled showcase of both the heartbreaking tragedy and the ineffable joy Viesturs has experienced while striving at the limits of human endurance.

Viesturs’s awe-inspiring photographs from the top of the world show readers the deadly beauty and haunting menace of the Himalayas. A unique, inspiring, and spine-tingling glimpse into the rarified world of extreme climbers, Himalayan Quest will appeal to Viesturs’s significant fan base (fondly known as Edophiles or Edheads), and to outdoor aficionados and armchair adventurers everywhere.