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Books:History and Religion:World History:Tutankhamun: The Golden King and the Great Pharaohs

Tutankhamun: The Golden King and the Great Pharaohs


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Mysterious boy king Tutankhamun returned to the U.S. in 2008, bringing rare treasures never before seen outside Egypt. This book’s is the perfect keepsake and chronicle of this magnificent exhibition.

Each artifact is here, in exquisite photography—a queen's eye makeup container, a likeness of a princess eating duck, a sarcophagus made for a prince's cat. It’s a fascinating glimpse of the life of ancient Egyptian royalty: exotic and fascinating, yet so human.

  • Hardcover
  • 264 pages, 180 color photographs
  • 10 3/4 x 10 3/4"
  • © 2008

Archaeologist Zahi Hawass is Egypt's Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities and directs excavations at the Giza Pyramids, Saqqara and in the Valley of the Kings. He is credited with major discoveries, such as the unusual double statue of Ramses II at Giza, the tombs of the Giza pyramid builders, and the Valley of Golden Mummies. His findings have contributed significantly to our knowledge of how the Pyramids were built.

Hawass studied archaeology in Egypt and the U.S. and earned his Ph.D. in Egyptology from the University of Pennsylvania. He is a Fulbright scholarship recipient. He has taught Egyptian archaeology, history, and culture, at Cairo University, the American University in Cairo, and the University of California at Los Angeles.

Hawass has been a consultant for documentaries, films, television specials, and magazine stories and has written extensively on Middle Eastern and Egyptian archaeology.