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The Book of Inventions: How'd They Come Up With That?

The Book of Inventions: How'd They Come Up With That?


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Combining curious and colorful anecdotes with photographs, this fact-filled and lively history of inventions and their inventors is a spirited and engaging look at knowledge and history.

From the tiny paperclip to the massive jet engine, and from mastermind Leonardo da Vinci to quirky vacuum-cleaner inventor James Dyson, The Book of Inventions is encyclopedic in scope and entertaining in the extreme.

Learn the dates, details, and amazing stories of how some of our most interesting and useful objects have been invented. See how innovations as diverse as the disposable diaper, the zipper, the hair dryer, the photocopier, the artificial heart, and the traffic light have affected all aspects of our daily lives.

  • Hardcover
  • 288 pages
  • 8'' x 10 3/4''
  • © 2004