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Books:History and Religion:Religion:From Eden to Exile - Softcover

From Eden to Exile - Softcover


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In this provocative book, Eric H. Cline uses the tools of his trade to examine some of the most puzzling mysteries from the Hebrew Bible.

He lays out each mystery, evaluates all available evidence—from established fact to arguable assumption to far-fetched leap of faith—and proposes an explanation that reconciles Scripture, science, and history.

From Noah’s Ark to Joshua’s victory at Jericho and more, Cline places Biblical stories in solid archaeological and historical context and reserves judgment on ideas that cannot yet be confirmed or denied. Along the way, our most informed understanding of ancient Israel comes alive with dramatic but accurate detail.

  • Softcover
  • 256 pages, 40 black-and-white photographs
  • 6'' x 9''
  • © 2008

Eric H. Cline holds degrees in classical archaeology, Near Eastern archaeology, and ancient history, and currently serves as chair of the Department of Classical and Semitic Languages and Literatures at George Washington University.

He is the prize-winning author of seven books, including The Battles of Armageddon: Megiddo and the Jezreel Valley from the Bronze Age to the Nuclear Age, which won a Biblical Archaeology Society Publication Award for "Best Popular Book on Archaeology" and was a Main Selection of the Natural Science Book Club. He lives in Chevy Chase, Maryland.

"Cline's book is easy to read, as well as being authoritative."—Dallas Morning News

"A brisk trip through some of the great mysteries of biblical history…persuasive arguments…An accessibly written introduction that will likely prompt readers to dig deeper."—Booklist

"Archaeologist Cline takes us on an enjoyable journey of discovery."—Catholic Digest

"If you want a hand on the heart honest review of what is scientifically known about the greatest mysteries of the Bible, then the handy and accessible From Eden to Exile is for you."—Minerva Magazine

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