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Books:Science and Space:Science:Human Footprint DVD and True Green Book Set

Human Footprint DVD and True Green Book Set

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True Green

Learn about our impact on the Earth and easy ways we can minimize that impact.

Human Footprint DVD
In a playful, surprising and thought-provoking portrait of our time on earth, National Geographic demonstrates, in a series of remarkable visuals, what makes up an average human life today and how everything we do has impact on the world around us. In this unique journey through life, it shows all the people you will ever know, how much waste you will produce, the amount of fuel you'll consume and how much you've got to pack in during your 2,475,526,000 seconds on earth.

True Green Book
Global warming, climate change, toxic waste, and more: it sometimes seems the environmental challenges we face are just too huge for individual actions to matter, but they're not—and here's the proof. True Green is based on the practical experience of Clean Up the World, a grassroots environmental movement that has inspired more than 40 million volunteers in over 100 countries to take action since 1993.


  • 1 disc; approximately 90 minutes
  • © 2008
  • Eco-friendly Packaging: Made of 100% recycled fiber, 55% post-consumer waste, plastic film 100% compostable
  • Softcover
  • 128 pages, 100 color photographs
  • 8 1/4'' x 7 3/4''
  • © 2007