Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Does National Geographic have any retail stores?

A: Yes. We have three retail stores. However, most items online or in the catalog are not sold in the retail stores. The addresses are:
National Geographic Headquarters Store
1145 17th St NW
Washington, DC 20036
202 857-7591
9:00 – 5:00 Mon thru Sat
10:00 – 5:00 Sun
Grand Canyon IMAX Theater
National Geographic Visitor Center
Highway 64, US 180
P.O. Box 3309
Grand Canyon, AZ 86023
928 638-2468
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Q: I bought an item from your catalog. May I return it to the retail store in Washington, DC?

A: Unfortunately, no. Since the Retail store does NOT carry 99% of what is online or in the catalog, any returns from the catalog or online must be made by phone with Customer Service. All returns should be sent via a trackable shipping method to:
National Geographic Catalog/Online Returns Dept
5510 E. Holmes Rd
Door 43 - Returns
Memphis, TN 38118
*Canadian returns go to:
National Geographic Catalog/Online
300 Kennedy Rd South
Unit B - Returns
Brampton, Ontario L6W 4V2
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Q: I would like to buy some Christmas gifts for my staff. Does National Geographic have a corporate gift program?

A: Yes. The custom order must be for at least 10 units of one product totaling $500 or more. The discounts are as follows:
Amount Discount
$1,000-$4,999 15%
$5,000-$10,000 20%
$10,000+ 25%
Shop Corporate Gifts >
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Q: I am purchasing a gift box for an item in my order. May I enclose a card?

A: Yes. If the item can be gift-boxed, you may also include a gift card for the $5 fee. back to top

Q: May I ship multiple packages to multiple addresses?

A: Yes. If more than one shipping address is provided, we will ship items to the designated addresses. You will be charged standard shipping and handling rates for each "ship-to" address. back to top

Q: I received a gift from a friend that I do not really like. May I return it for something else?

A: Yes. Gift returns received from gift recipients will be accepted. A gift certificate/card will be provided for the value of the purchase. When returning please indicate the item was a gift. back to top

Q: Do you ship to Canada?

A: Yes, by standard shipping only. Shipments will arrive within 7-10 business day via Canada Post or UPS. Additional duties may apply. Please add $10.00 to the U.S. Standard Shipping Rate. back to top

Q: Why am I charged tax when ordering online or from your catalog?

A: National Geographic is required to collect taxes in states where we have a business presence. All taxes collected are paid to the state or local government.
State   Tax
California   7.50%
  Los Angeles County 9.00%
  San Francisco County 8.75%
Colorado   2.9 - 4.5%
District of Columbia   5.75%
Florida   6.00%
Illinois   6.25%
Michigan   6.00%
New York   4.00%-8.88%
Pennsylvania   6.00%
  Allegheny County 7.00%
  Philadelphia City 8.00%
Tennessee   9.25%
Vermont   6.00%
Country   Tax
Canada   5.00% GST
  New Brunswick 13.0% HST
  Newfoundland and Labrador 13.0% HST
  Ontario 13.0% HST
  Nova Scotia 15.0% HST
  Prince Edward Island 14.0% HST

Last updaed on 12/1/15
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Q: Why can National Geographic no longer ship to Russia?

A: Due to restrictions set forth by Russian Customs, we are unable to ship to Russia at this time.
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Q: Geno 2.0 Next Generation Kit

A: For Genographic Kit FAQ’s please visit our Genographic Project site. back to top

Q: I purchased the Personalized Map Puzzle and it does not replicate my house or its surrounding area very well.

A: The Personalized Map Puzzles are made from the most current U.S. Geological Survey maps. If the U.S. Geological Surveyors have not surveyed your area in some time, then the map puzzle may appear somewhat old. Some areas may not have been surveyed since the early 1990s. back to top

Q: How do I renew my magazine subscription?

A: Please call the magazine division at 1-800-647-5463. back to top

Q: I’m trying to buy the CD-ROM set with old National Geographic Maps.

A: We're sorry, but this is no longer available and there are currently no plans for a new version. You can search for and view most of the maps that were in that product at and even order full size copies if you wish. back to top

Q: I would like to buy a copy of a recent supplement map that was in National Geographic Magazine.

A: It may be available from the Maps Division. Please call 1-800-962-1643 for more information. back to top

Q: I would like to buy a copy of a supplement map from the past.

A:We sell reproductions of a select number of maps. You can look through our Classic Maps category. You may also purchase back issues of the magazine that included the map supplement by calling our magazine division at 1-800-647-5463. back to top

Q: Are there retail stores where I can buy National Geographic map products?

A: Trails Illustrated maps are available in most outdoor recreation stores. Wall maps are available at map specialty stores and some bookstores. Please call 1-800-962-1643 for more information. back to top