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National Geographic Traveler

Those who love to explore the world, including the far-flung areas that don’t receive a lot of visitors, will love reading National Geographic Traveler Magazine. This travel magazine covers travel tips and advice for visiting ports and destinations on every continent, and the articles are filled with the beautiful National Geographic-quality photos that will entice you to start planning your visit to any new destination immediately. Articles in National Geographic Traveler Magazine range in coverage from several-weeks-long explorations of destinations to intriguing weekend getaways. Also included are maps and calendars providing details about upcoming events, allowing you to plan your getaway to catch these events without getting lost. Plus, with the travel tips included in each issue, you’ll have the background knowledge of how to easily journey anywhere in the world. Anyone in your family who enjoys traveling and planning intimate, exotic, adventurous or educational excursions will appreciate receiving this travel magazine as a gift subscription. Subscriptions options are available for delivery in the United States, Canada and overseas.