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Men's Jewelry and Watches

All around the world, men have found ways to express their inner style and personality. Thanks to National Geographic, you can now draw from an entire planet’s worth of inspiration when it comes to men’s watches and jewelry. Fashioning jewelry for men is a long-held tradition in many countries, so a trip around the world will allow you to discover accessories unlike any you’ve seen before. In Java, men’s bracelets are truly things of art. A stunning combination of leather and high-quality silver beads, Javanese bracelets are made in the open air, with techniques dating back hundreds of years. In Nepal, copper and brass are the metals of choice for men’s jewelry, sometimes even suspected to contain healing properties. Watches for men are similarly varied. In Ireland, watches are a work of art, crafted of silver and hung from a chain, while in the United States, watches are highly functional, winding themselves, providing directions, and even running on solar power. With a planet full of men’s accessories to choose from, National Geographic is sure to have something you’ll love.