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Every culture is unique in both traditions and taste, so it is no surprise that each culture has earrings that reflect its own special style. But, unique though each culture may be, there is no reason that you should always wear earrings from close to home. At National Geographic, we’ve traveled the globe and collected some of the world’s most unique earrings from countries around the world. We have drop earrings from places like Turin, China, and Israel; hoop earrings from Mali, Tuscany, and Kenya; amber earrings from the Baltic Sea and pearls from Ireland. When you shop at National Geographic, a trip into your jewelry box will become a globe-trotting vacation. All the world’s treasures will be yours. Take a moment to explore the world’s wonders, and decide which country’s earrings speak to you. For occasions both formal and casual, this collection of earrings will keep you looking your very best.