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Enjoy National Geographic's selection of historical games and signature collectors' game sets. We've brought back some of our favorite old games for new generations of children to enjoy. With National Geographic games you can challenge others with our Shut the Box Game, a tradition from Norman mariners; or you can entertain yourself with the Stones of the World Solitaire Game. These historical games have delighted generations of people around the world, so they've been proven to be educational and entertaining. Other favorite vintage games include the Personalized New York Times Jigsaw Puzzle or the English Pub Cribbage Game, all with classic cases and game pieces. When you play these antique games, you'll become a part of a colorful history. These delightful games make great gifts for history lovers, game enthusiasts, or for anyone else who enjoys having a good time. So, try one of our display games today, and find out what you've been missing.