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Rings and Pins

Sometimes all you need to complete a signature look is something as small as a ring or a pin. At National Geographic, we have jewelry pins and rings that are unlike what you’re likely to find at home. No matter where you live, our collection will contain something special and inspiring. We’ve searched the world for unique rings and pins, and we couldn’t be happier with what we found. In Ireland, we discovered silver rings in the traditional Claddagh forms. These high-quality rings marry the traditional Irish Claddagh with superior silver. In Italy, we were enchanted by cameo pins, hand carved from conch shells at the base of Mount Vesuvius. In Java, we found beaded rings that are as colorful as any tropical flowers found in nature, and in Thailand, we were delighted by dragon fly pins that sparkle even more than their biological inspiration. We collected the finest of these treasures and brought them together to share with you, so browse our collection of pins and rings, and find something that truly delights you.