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The world holds many wonders, and at the National Geographic we’ve collected some of them just for you. When you explore our collection of necklaces, you’ll discover jewelry that is both fine and unique, with origins from all around the world. From Ireland, we have Celtic pearl necklaces that marry the simplicity of pearls with the intricacy of a Celtic knot. From Israel, we have glass necklaces that are sourced from household objects from ancient Rome and that have taken on a mysterious glow that only time can give. From Egypt, we have gold necklaces that can be personalized to any name in hieroglyphics, and from Africa, we have onyx necklaces crafted by hand using ancient techniques. Our collection of gold and silver necklaces spans the globe and is certain to have several pieces that you’ll love, A trip through our collection is like a trip around the world, all from the comfort of your own home.