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Books:Photography:National Geographic Photographing Birds

National Geographic Photographing Birds


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There are an estimated 85 million American birders, and just about every one carries a camera. But there's an art to capturing birds on film, and who better to reveal the tricks of the trade than two of National Geographic's foremost birders/photographers?

Packed with practical know-how, the book presents a wealth of techniques, tips, and hard-won wisdom about everything from the best equipment to use to how to lure or stalk birds until you've got the perfect shot. You'll learn how to get close—but not too close—to a nest, how to frame a bird in full flight, how to cope with challenging weather or difficult lighting, and much more. Visual essays offer vivid examples of birding photography at its dramatic best, along with commentary on how the shot was taken and how its elements combine to create an effective, arresting composition.

  • Softcover
  • 176 pages, 125 photographs and illustrations
  • 5'' x 8''
  • © 2006