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Travelers are always looking for the next destination to explore. No matter if you are the adventurous traveler who wants to climb the highest peaks, or the relax-and-enjoy the scenery in person, National Geographic has the best travel books for finding new places to explore. These best-selling travel books are sorted by topics, from National Parks to road trips to take on highways to exotic locations in far-off countries. Explore the Journeys of a Lifetime, or see how many of the 100 Places That Can Change Your Life you’ve visited (and which ones you still need to add to your list!) These travel books not only provide you with write-ups about the destinations, complemented with beautiful photography, they also provide well-tested advice for the traveler, including the one who may want to explore off the beaten path. As you plan your travel wish list for next year and many years to come, be sure to pick up one or two of these top-rated travel books to help you plan your journey.