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DVDs:Animals and Nature:Nature and Environment:Strange Days on Planet Earth 2 DVD Set

Strange Days on Planet Earth 2 DVD Set

$39.95 Sale Price:   $14.99

Price: $39.95 Sale Price:   $14.99

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Around the globe, scientists are racing to solve a series of mysteries. Unsettling transformations are sweeping across the planet, and clue by clue, investigators are discovering ways that seemingly disparate events are connected. Crumbling houses in New Orleans are linked to voracious creatures from southern China. An asthma epidemic in the Caribbean is linked to dust storms in Africa. Scientists suspect we have entered a time of global change swifter than any human being has ever witnessed. Where are we headed? What can we do to alter this course of events? Hosted by actor Edward Norton.

Not available for shipment outside of the U.S. and Canada

  • 2 discs; approximately 240 minutes total
  • © 2005