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Home & Garden:Collectibles:New York Times Conquest of Space Folio
New York Times Conquest of Space Folio

New York Times Conquest of Space Folio


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Trace the progress of space exploration from pure speculation in 1920, through the moon landing in 1969, to the demise of Mir and the hopes of the International Space Station in this thematic folio of headlines from the New York Times.

Read about how our forefathers speculated on reaching the moon, the Soviet triumphs of the late 50s, and the amazing American determination to win the space race, ultimately triumphing with the herculean and heroic efforts of our astronauts and scientists. Relive the nail biting moments of Apollo 13 as the events unfolded, and read as the whole world read of lunar landings, space shuttle triumphs and tragedies, and unprecedented space walks. All reproductions are in black and white.

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15"H x 12"W