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New York Times Centenary Folio

New York Times Centenary Folio

Relive the top 100 events of the 20th century as they were reported at the time with this leatherette-bound keepsake folio. Read about the top news stories as they happened, and were reported in the New York Times, from the signing of the Anglo U.S. treaty over the Nicaragua Canal in 1900, to the Clinton acquittal in 1999.

Early coverage includes the San Francisco earth quake in 1906, President Wilson’s 1918 terms for world peace, Lindbergh’s and Earhart’s amazing Atlantic flights, the stock market crash in 1929, and events leading up to WW2. Relive the momentous battles and stories of WWII and the Cold War. More recent coverage includes the assassination of President Kennedy and Martin Luther King, the ending of the Vietnam War, Watergate, President Reagan’s landslide victory, President Clinton’s election, and much more. All reproductions are black-and-white.

Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery. Not available for shipment outside of the U.S.

15"H x 12"W