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Back to School:Nat Geo Games: Afrika for Playstation 3
Nat Geo Games: Afrika for Playstation 3

Nat Geo Games: Afrika for Playstation 3


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Become a photojournalist in the wilderness of Africa in a videogame featuring amazing, realistic animal models and vast landscapes to visit. Africa's wildlife is rendered in accurate photorealistic detail. As a photographer, you'll use licensed, real-world photography equipment to complete assignments and capture images of everything from bathing hippos to a cheetah on the hunt. Explore the land, find new animals, and earn a name for yourself as a professional photographer.

  • More than 70 animals to find and more than 100 missions to complete
  • Animals behave and interact with each other just like their real-world counterparts
  • Explore environments ranging from grassland to marsh to forest
  • Innovative photo grading system teaches you the skills of a professional photographer

Rated E for everyone.

For Playstation 3.

"Although I barely scratched the surface of Afrika, this game looks like it has serious potential…Afrika is sure to be a welcome break from the standard shooter/action game fare we've seen so much of lately." —IGN.com

"Even if you're not into the photography aspect, this could be a virtual zoo where you just scope out big kitties all day. If you're itching to camp out in a virtual tree to wait for that perfect sunset shot, then look for Afrika..." —GameSpot

"The creatures of Afrika look and behave just like the real thing… It really is amazing and delightful to watch." —Escapist Magazine