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Gear & Gadgets:Outdoor Gear:National Geographic Handheld Birds PDA
National Geographic Handheld Birds PDA

National Geographic Handheld Birds PDA


Price: $399.95

Item# :1072848

Qty: This item is out of stock

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Introducing an unbelievable breakthrough in birding!
National Geographic Handheld Birds is the first North American mobile interactive field guide for PDA for birders of all levels. Completely user-friendly, you will instantly transform your birding outings into vibrant, expertly guided adventures with amazing features only National Geographic can deliver.

Use National Geographic Handheld Birds' eBird checklist to store bird sighting data, download it to your desktop computer and upload it to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and participate in their Citizen Science Research Project!

National Geographic Handheld Birds can be purchased as an all in one device that includes a Tungsten E2 Palm Pilot or as separate SD card software that can be used with many Palm OS compatible PDAs.

3 1/4"W x 4 1/2"H x 1/2"D.

Read below for features, expert reviews, and system specifications.

Handheld Birds PDA - CR Number: 1072848

3 1/4"W x 4 1/2"H x 1/2"D

  • "The all-in-one solution for the tech savvy birder: excellent field guide, recorded songs, checklisting."—Stephen Ingraham, Trip Leader, Lecturer, Zeiss Representative
  • "I love this product. It is amazing to have this much information in such a small package—ruly a guide you take in the field with you."—Matt Heindel, Author, Chairman, California Birds Records Committee

    • More than 1,600 bird images
    • More than 650 range maps
    • Detailed bird information from our best selling Field Guide to the Birds of North America
    • Nearly 4 hours of premium quality song and call playback from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology
    • Comprehensive, searchable database of 867 North American birds
    • Quickly and easily compare and contrast unique bird characteristics
    • eBird checklists to record and retrieve detailed sighting information

    Activation of this product requires an Internet connection.
    The web browser requires Macromedia Flash 7 player.


    • Palm OS 5.2.1 and higher
    • 16-bit color, 160 x 160 color screen
    • SD, SDIO, and MultiMediaCard Expansion Slot
    • 16-bit Audio playback capability (.wav)
    • Palm OS® 5.4
    • 32 MB memory (3 MB free)
    • 200 MHz ARM-Based processor
    • Secure Digital Expansion Slot
    • 16-bit, 320 x 320 color display
    • 16-bit Audio playback capability (.wav)
    • Tungsten™ E
    • Tungsten™ E2
    • Zire™ 72
    • Tungsten™ T2
    • Tungsten™ T3
    • Tungsten™ T5
    • Tungsten™ T|X
    • LifeDrive™
    • Treo™ 650 Smartphone
    • Windows® 2000, Windows® XP
    • HotSync® Manager 4.0 (or greater)